Tamra Meskimen

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Tamra Meskimen is a New York trained stage actress who has appeared in innumerable plays. She has appeared in television shows such as One Life to Live and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She has done voiceovers for numerous TV and Radio commercials,children's stories and Books on Tape of best selling novels.

As a veteran of the New York and LA Improv scene she has performed with several well-known ensembles - Among them, Interplay and Split-Second Theatre. She is currently a performer and the Executive Director of the LA based Really Spontaneous Theatre Company, an acclaimed improvised one-act play company. She is appearing in the musical Spoon River adapted by Steven David Horwich and in a television pilot for director Martin Guigui, which will also feature her husband.

Tamra is married to actor Jim Meskimen.

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