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Looking for a likeable, real and funny spokesman to get great testimonials for your TV or radio commercials?

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I'm Jim Meskimen, President of Meskimen Applied Silliness, Inc. I'm a comedic spokesman in TV commercials.

Click on a letter to see some shots from recent commercials I've done. (That's me in the tie, holding the microphone.)

I do humorous man-on-the-street spots.

I interview real people and get them to share their thoughts about the client's products and services. I do this by making them feel at ease and never making them the butt of the joke. The spots are funny, fresh and attention-getting because they're real.

I've been called "The American John Cleese," because I like to ask unexpected, often times bizarre questions.

As you can see in the images above, everybody has a good time. The campaigns I've done increased sales, which is why I keep getting asked to come back and do more.

If you have a client who has a need to improve their image, get the word out or increase their sales, or if you yourself just want to have a good time on a shoot while I do all the hard work, give me and my applied silliness a try.

From 1987 through 1992 Jim was the spokesman for Skaggs Alpha Beta grocery stores for which he improvised commercials that garnered a collection of prestigious advertising awards. He acted as spokesman in commercials for TGI Friday's Restaurants, Belz Factory Outlet World, Ivory Liquid Soap. Tristate Megabucks, and CVS Drugstores. More recently, he was seen in improvised commercials for Kash 'n Karry stores in Florida, Schnuck's grocery stores in St. Louis and others.

Click here to check out a video overview of Jim's career and especially his “Man on the Street” spots!

We'll send you a full audio recording free: just fax (818) 881-0520, or email us.

For more information, call Josee Goudereault of Chic Managment at (818) 310-4912.

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