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Jim Meskimen at sunset on a cliff with a microphone creating voices

Heard everywhere.


Bringing Life to Silent Words.

Below is a small sampling of voices
the Meskimens have done - and can do for you!

Jim Meskimen with fish body and microphone making voices

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  1. Meskimen demo by Mark Edgemon (5:32)
  2. Bringing Life to Silent Words (1:54)
  3. Jim as the voice of the Honda Element (:30 Movie)
  4. Animation Sampler (2:30)
  5. Sci-fi torture
  6. Jim's technique
  7. 3 British characters
  8. Cooking show
  9. On The Farm
  10. Acapulco Vacation
  11. Aussie Bloke
  12. Ad Agency
  13. Vin Scully
  14. French Perfume
  15. Bill Clinton
  16. Endless Disclaimers
  17. Looney Toons Characters (1:10)
  18. Radio Commercials (2:54)
  19. Man-on-the-Street (4:10)
  20. Narration (3:20)
  21. Bonus Track: NPR Parody - All Things Blithering (11:10)

For more voices, see Jim's Celebrity Voices page.

Agent contact: CESD
(310) 475-2111

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