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We are Jim and Tamra Meskimen, actors and artists who perform in films, television and on stage with our improv comedy theater ensemble, The Really Spontaneous Theatre Company. We are earnest in our dedication to bring enjoyment and life to the world through our comedy and aesthetics.

Jim is an impressionist comedian who provided the voices for the Internet sensations by Jibjab Media, This Land, DC Land, Second Term, Big Box Mart and others. His impressions have been heard on The Tonight Show, The Boondocks, Pinky and The Brain, and in commercials for Pacificare and the Honda Element.

At this site you can discover what we are up to currently and what we have done in the arts. Check out our information about our improvised man-on-the-street campaigns, our schedule of live performances, our latest film and TV appearances and even some of our original artwork. You can peruse our past columns of essays about topics we feel strongly about.

If you are interested in making it big in commercials, you can find out how to get a write-up of our successful actions. Or, if you are really feeling daring, try our Caption This Cartoon contest!

We hope you will enjoy our site, visit us often and tell your friends!





Homeland Security Park CD

To hear a four minute sample of this new
comedy CD starring impressionist

 Jim Meskimen
and the
Really Spontaneous Theatre Company,

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$9.95 plus shipping and handling

“Two Minds Empty” Comedy CD
by Jim Meskimen and Tait Ruppert

To hear Jim Meskimen and Tait Ruppert
perform a selection from this comedy CD,

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Only $15 including shipping
Send check to:

P.O. Box 18512
Encino, CA 91416-8512

Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery


Jimpressions Live Show DVD
Jimpressions Live Show DVD
now available for the first time!

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AudioFile - The Year in Audio 2010


On The Street

With Jim Meskimen

Click here to watch him in action!

(New Quicktime Movie)

Hello, my name is Dr. A. Kellar.
I am a Volkswagen engineer.

If you are inquisitive (and that is very good if you are being inquisitive, by the way), then you might be enjoying to take a look at these little instructive films that we have about the Volkswagen, and how perhaps it relates to you.

You can just to click on the small blue words which are below and you will, I think, see the movies. If you don't are liking them, you can just to stop the clicking.

“Escape from the
Ed Sullivan Theater”

Morgan Freeman's Voice by Jim Meskimen

Play Movie

Jim Meskimen in scenes from
Ramesh Iyer's director's reel,

Part One    Part Two

News Flash!  Read all about it!

Jibjab Media releases

“2-0-5: Year in Review”

Year in Review sung by Jim Meskimen in the voice of George Bush

on the Tonight Show!

“Sung” by George W. Bush

Celebrity Voices and Impressions
Jim Meskimen

Click here!

See "This Land", the hilarious JibJab
cartoon that took the world by storm!

Woodie Guthrie's 'This Land' sung by George W. Bush and John Kerry - Impressions by Jim Meskimen

Visit JibJab Originals - This Land to see
George W. Bush and John Kerry
sing the Woody Guthrie classic!
(all impressions by Jim Meskimen)

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