The Actor Hat

People ask me from time to time how I came to be so successful in commercials. To accommodate this simple question which has a very lengthy answer, I have written up my successful actions into a report or "Hat" of how to succeed in TV and Radio commercials.

If you would be interested in obtaining a copy of this, please send a letter requesting the "Actor Hat" to the address below. Please include a check for $10 made out to Meskimen Applied Silliness Inc. We'll get a copy out to you right away.

Meskimen Applied Silliness
P.O. Box 18512
Encino, CA 91416-8512,

Here are a few topics covered in "The Actor Hat"

  • Advice on how to get an Agent.
  • How important is a headshot?
  • Tips on how to act while on an audition (casting office protocol)
  • Advice on how to dress to get commercials
  • To improvise or not to improvise?
  • and much, much more!

To see Jim's Biography and Resume, click here.

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