Comedy CD


Jim Meskimen & Tait Ruppert

with an excerpt from their Comedy CD,

Two Minds Empty, No Waiting

“Feng Shui”

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What's on the CD
One full hour of inspired lunacy from comedians Jim Meskimen and Tait Ruppert! Includes Weird Canyon, a hilarious half-hour, fully produced western radio spoof, featuring Tamra Meskimen! Also, the secrets of urban Feng Shui, The future of the Menthol industry, and the Hardware Philharmonic!

What Others Say about this Comedy CD
"I was listening to "Two Minds Empty" in my car and I had to call while the tears of laughter were still wet on my face...their minds may be empty, but my mind was filled with awe, and I'm waiting for their next CD."
Denice Duff, actress, Amanda on The Young and the Restless

"I've now had the experience of listening to your CD three times and it actually gets funnier with each listening! This is amazing stuff; it's truly great classic comedy! These are the kinds of characters and situations that I'll still be describing to someone else years from now and cracking up. Please do another album soon!
David Campbell, Multi-platinum recording artist and composer

"You are SO funny, this CD is hilarious! Very well done. keep up the good work! I'd like to give a bunch of these out as Christmas presents!"
Nancy Cartwright, voice of Bart Simpson

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