Jim's JibJab Shorts

Jim Meskimen Gives Voice to Jibjab

An interview with Greg and Evan Spiridellis

“This Land”
Click to hear Jim singing the voices George Bush and John Kerry

Jim, Gregg and Evan
at the Tonight Show
for the debut of Jibjab's latest hit!

Jim Meskimen with Gregg and Even Spiridellis of Jibjab

Jim Meskimen (center) with brothers Gregg
and Evan Spiridellis, the geniuses behind JibJab

I've been very fortunate to be able to provide character voices for several groundbreaking animated shorts from JibJab. This amazing studio, founded by Gregg and Evan Spiridellis, created a major Internet sensation in 2004 when their short, "This Land", was viewed by over eight million people and made "JibJab" a household word.

It was a great honor to provide the voices for that film, and for the subsequent political shorts “DC Land” and “Second Term”, and it was a great challenge and a pleasure to come up with the singing voices for the Washington characters that inhabit these hilarious cartoons!

You can be sure we have many more fun animated shorts and other projects coming soon to a computer near you! To find out more, visit www.jibjab.com.

Jim Meskimen

JibJab Media Releases “George Bush's Year in Review”

On Dec. 15th, Jibjab Media released it's latest political satire: “Year-End Round-Up: 2-0-5”, on the Tonight Show and on the Jibjab website.

With this release, Jibjab returns to the political arena to give us a wrap-up of the year's events with very comical results. Jim Meskimen again sings as President Bush who is the “star” of 2-0-5. (Early in the video, Jim also has a cameo appearance as a reporter asking the president some tough questions.)

Tracks for "205" were laid down in the same studio where Frank Sinatra recorded: Studio A at Capitol Records. You could still smell the bourbon and Camels...

Prior to this release, Jibjab members were encouraged to submit pictures of themselves with various expressions, and this video includes many of those images.

To see this latest film, click on George Bush in the picture above.


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